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WXCWavelength Cross-Connect
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Finally, the study selected 115 news stories from the sampled newspapers in China, 60 posts from TY, and 215 posts from the sampled overseas forums of BBCC (106 posts) and WXC (109 posts).
We've also chosen to partner with Juniper Networks to deliver WAN Optimization with the Juniper Networks WXC Series because it enables us to enhance our product offering with a best-in-class platform that provides customers with an end-to-end solution.
The Juniper Networks WXC Series provides the bank's geographically distributed locations with a scalable approach to accelerate the delivery of Web-based and Client server business applications and services over the WAN.
NASDAQ:JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that Donghee Industrial, one of Korea's leading automobile parts manufacturers, has boosted the capacity and performance of its wide area network (WAN) with the Juniper Networks WXC 500 application acceleration platform by six-fold.
The WXC 500 has been instrumental to our overseas expansion, allowing dispersed teams to seamlessly work together," said Choi Byung-Wook, IT Manager of Donghee Industrial's Share Service Center.
In addition, benchmark tests proved that the WXC supported a much wider range of applications than the company's legacy acceleration solution.
With the WXC ISM 200 operating at 10Mbps of compressed throughput, Juniper offers the fastest solution in this category, a key differentiator to support DIKNAS' plans for enabling powerful and reliable new network applications for its schools, such as VoIP, centralized database access, video-on-demand and video conferencing.
The WXC Integrated Services Module is installed like a Physical Interface Module (PIM) in the J-Series router and provides the application acceleration features of WAN acceleration.
The WXC ISM 200 is a best-in-class application acceleration platform, which recently won a Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2008 for improving application performance over the WAN by eliminating redundant transmissions, accelerating TCP and application-specific protocols, prioritizing and allocating access to bandwidth, and ensuring high application availability at sites with multiple WAN links.
Juniper's WXC has enabled us to accelerate the performance of key applications by up to eight times.
The Juniper Networks WXC platform is used by PUMA to improve Wide-Area Network (WAN) performance of numerous mission-critical applications, including CIFS, Lotus Notes and Web Applications.
In addition, Juniper announced the next generation of its best-in-class WXC application acceleration platforms to deliver a more scalable, modular and cost-effective approach to delivering fast and consistent application response across the WAN.