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WYCA papers say: "WYCA has always been concerned at these proposals and there has been strong feedback from local users' groups and Kirklees politicians that the proposals are not acceptable.
Tomorrow councillors and officers of the WYCA Land and Assets Panel will be asked to agree to create a West Yorkshire Mills Redevelopment Working Group and ring fence funding for an investment programme.
To date the WYCA has undertaken 2 phase of work in delivering a new PMO, including:
An agenda for the WYCA says it's at 'mandate approval' stage, the first stage which is to define a problem and state why a project needs to be developed to address it.
The WYCA says it is aware of the situation and is working closely with the police to try to resolve the issue.
In addition, as a member of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), the council needs to be consistent in its approach to driving enforcement activities and mirror exemptions already in place across the WYCA.
WYCA is to carry out a full technical review of existing cameras and digital circuits, after which a full business case will be developed to determine if the existing CCTV camera infrastructure can be rationalised and improved to reduce annual revenue costs and future capital costs.
We are very pleased that this consultation is happening and that WYCA and Yorkshire Tiger, which operates the service, would like to know what passengers think about the current network and how it can be improved.
WYCA has made a successful bid for funding from the Clean Vehicle Technology Fund run by the Department for Transport.
The 80-84, 231, 232, 241 and 262 services are operated by Elland-based Yorkshire Tiger, a subsidiary of Arriva, and which will be reviewing the operation alongside the WYCA.
Further information about the Accessbus scheme together with a copy of the contract will be provided to interested parties following receipt by WYCA of request therefor.
Go Ultra Low' is a PS35m fund aimed at increasing electric car use and WYCA is bidding for West Yorkshire to become an exemplar area.