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WAFAWorld Association of Flower Arrangers
WAFAWilderness Advanced First Aid (Wilderness Medical Associates course)
WAFAWestern Australian Forest Alliance
WAFAWashington Area Finance Association
WAFAWestern Australian Fencing Association (Perth, Australia)
WAFAWestern Australian Folklore Archive
WAFAWestern Association of Farmworker Advocates
WAFAWestern Albemarle Football Association
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WAFA correspondent said that police raided and ransacked a number of civilian homes, causing extensive property damages and spreading fear among residents, especially women and children.
Locals told WAFA news that the police violently and forcefully dragged their victims out of bed before throwing them in the back of the police vans.
Gold exploration company Algold Resources Ltd (TSXV:ALG) announced on Thursday that it has launched a strategic partnership with its Mauritanian-based business partner, Wafa Mining & Petroleum SA (Wafa).
A Red Crescent worker in the nearby town of Tubas, Ra'ed al-Thaher, told WAFA that troops had prevented medics from aiding the men after the shooting and left them on the ground to bleed until they died.
In a speech, Mr Wafa thanked all those who had contributed to the success of the group, which has a large portfolio covering the aviation, travel, medical and infrastructure sectors.
So now is the right time," Wafa said, busy adding finishing touches at Funzone in Qurm as early as 8am after leaving in the wee hours for her house in Barka from the venue.
Munier Abu Assoude, head of the oil worker union at Mellitah port complex that is fed by Wafa said Wafa was still open but pipelines to the field were shut.
We haven't seen Miss Wafa since her role in "Karioka," where she portrayed the late Egyptian legend Tahiya Karioka.
One SDH STM-1 ring connecting Mellitah, Wafa and the 18 LVSs (Line Valve
Wafa says in 1983 he was picked up by intelligence agents of the Babrak Karmal government at 3am.
Wafa was arrested in September 2009 following a business dispute with a princess of the Saudi royal family.
The Eagles defeated defending champions Saudi Telstar for in the Inter-Locale Division title, while Wafa brought down Duhami Cavaliers in the Invitational Division best-of-five championship series.