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8221; -Linda & Gina - Co-Founders of The Wahm Addict LLC
Recently I have been working on a Mediterranean tapas menus for our Wahm bar lounge that should reflect part of my culinary vision.
For more on the issue of "antithetical correspondence" between Mustafa and the narrator, see Afnan al-Qacim, Mawsim al-Hijra ila al-Shamal aw Wahm 'Alaqat al-Sharq wa al-Gharb: 'Amaliyyat Naqd wa Naqdh li al-Riwayah, (Casablanca: Mu'assassat Banchara li al-Tiba'ah wa al-Nashr, 1984), 13, 27-29, 32; Muhammad Shahin, Tahawwulat al-Shawq fi Mawsim al-Hijra ila al-Shamal, (Beirut: Al-Mu'assassah al-'Arabiyyah li al-Dirasat wa al-Nashr, 1993), 31-32, 157; Fawziyya al-Saffar, Azmat al-Ajyal al-'Arabiyyah al-Mu-'assirah: Dirasah fi Mawsim al-Hijra ila al-Shamal li Tayeb Salih, (Tunis: Mu'assassat Abdel Karim Ben Abdillah, 1980), 34-37; and Roger Allen, The Arabic Novel: An Historical and Critical Introduction, (Manchester: University of Manchester, 1982), 135-136.
Implementing individualized advertising and marketing plans for each client, using a variety of platforms, sets The Wahm Addict[TM]LLC apart from other work at home advertising venues.
W Doha Hotel & Residences recently hosted its first ever 'Cabana Nights' at Wahm, the poolside lounge.
Two concept restaurants by world-famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten - Market by Jean-Georges and Spice Market will pamper guests' palates with exotic international cuisine, while the Crystal Lounge and Wahm will offer an opportunity to lighten up over a Shisha or a drink with friends.
On the turbulent years 1988-1990 see Sarkis Naoum, Michel Aoun: Hilm am Wahm, (Michel Aoun: Dream or Illusion) Beirut: Matba'at al-Mutawassit, 1992; Karim Pakradouni, Le Piege: De la Malediction Libanaise a la Guerre du Golfe, Beirut: FMA, 1991; Carole Dagher, Les Paris du General, Beirut: FMA, 1992; and Waddah Charara, "Deux Ans de Reunification Nationale: Une Libanisation Gigogne," Les Cahiers de la Mediterranee, no.
To experience W's approach to B&F (Beverage and Food), W Doha features three stylish bars for guests to mix and mingle including the signature W Living Room experience, Wahm, a modern poolside shisha lounge, and Crystal Lounge, a sleek, fashionable spot where guests can sip cool cocktails and groove to the latest world beats.
For a small business owner, thought leader, entrepreneur, woman entrepreneur, WAHM, consultant or sole proprietor who wants to strategize their business, build a PR campaign, and expand their BRAND, AD VYBE's Summer PR Coaching Session(s), "ON THE GO PR" will prepare them for that success.
Bloom Web Studio, a small graphic and web design boutique studio located in New England and servicing customers around the world, will continue servicing start-ups, WAHM (work at home moms) and other small businesses and providing the unique design style that it has been providing for 5 years.
The proof of this are the terms within that scheme, which are taken directly from the revealed sources, such as 'ilm, usul, ra'y, ijtihad, qiyas, fiqh, 'aql, qalb, idrak, wahm, tadabbur, fikr, nazar, hikmah, yaqin, wahy, tafsir, ta'wil, 'alam, kalam, nutq, zann, haqq, batil, sidq, kidhb, wujud, 'adam, dahr, samad, sarmad, azal, abad, khalq, khulq, firasah, fitrah, tabi'ah, ikhtiyar, kisb, khayr, sharr, halal, haram, wajib, mumkin, amr, iman and iradah.
It is the WAHM sector that is largely supporting the organic movement in the UK, with legions of mothers (and some fathers) setting up their own online businesses selling organic products for babies and toddlers sourced from around the world.