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Users can expect 132 MBps PCI bus performance with zero wait states while easily meeting the stringent power requirements of portable PCI applications such as mini PCI modules or CardBus cards.
little wait states like this one, useless wait states, not long enough for serious contemplation (not like the deep life meditation you can perform while waiting to post a package at Christmas time, for instance, when you have ample time to regret your entire life and still have plenty left over for resolutions to mend it), but little slices of time in which you can't do anything at all but stand there, sit there, hold the phone-the sort of unoccupied little slices of time no decent computer operating system would tolerate 'for itself.
The memory interface supports programmable wait states for greater memory control.
The more processors we want to put on, the more wait states we incur, and the more performance we steal from each processor.
Based on the Intel 33-megahertz 80386 microprocessor, the Z-386/33E operates at zero wait states and is designed for disk-intensive applications in single and multi-user environments.
The AS8F2M32 offers an access time of 90 ns, allowing high-speed microprocessors to operate without wait states.