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WANGWest Austin Neighborhood Group (Texas)
WANGWollen Auch Nur Geld (German: Also Just Want Money; text slang)
WANGWorcester Area Naked Guys (Massachusetts)
WANGWireless Access Network Gateway
WANGWide Angle Negative Gyres (Oceanography)
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By virtue of this acquisition, Wang adds an important piece of the puzzle in connection with his proposal to redevelop the site of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum with his joint venture partner, Reckson Associates.
Non-Chinese officials who interviewed Wang in Germany, predictably, found him to be entirely sane and remarkably well-adjusted for a veteran of Beijing's psychiatric gulag.
We have been trading scrap plastic grades consistently for some time, although it's a smaller piece of our overall business," says Wang.
While Courbet's highly regarded work is ``upfront'' about its subject matter, Wang felt the ads were ``quite reserved, quite artistic and beautiful .
Wang says that the process is simple and does not require catalysts, so the belts could be made in industrial quantities.
To be sure, Wang says, context-sensitive help screens (where the help requested relates to the part of the program where the cursor happens to be) will be designed better and be more comprehensive.
The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing market in the adoption of connectivity solutions," said XJ Wang, vice president of Yankee Group Asia-Pacific research.
Wang is due to graduate Friday from Canyon, and head in the fall to the University of California, Los Angeles, where he plans a course schedule loaded with his first love, pre-med.
Wang speculates that the streaming motion of gas from a cluster of massive stars created winds strong enough to sculpt the honeycomb.
Despite the international protests that greeted the announcement this month that China had charged Wang, the 27-year-old icon of the Tiananmen Square democracy movement, with a capital offense, a Beijing court convicted and sentenced him Wednesday after a four-hour show trial in a sealed courthouse.