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WBNGWashington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild (Washington, DC)
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A week after The Baltimore Sun slashed 60 newsroom jobs, including 18 top editing positions, some 50 newsroom staffers still at the paper have launched a one-day byline strike, according to the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild.
Ask Rick Weiss, a staff writer and the news-side co-chair of the Post Guild unit, or Rick Ehrmann, the local representative of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, why the deal was put on the table, and they answer "cost-cutting" with not a doubt in their minds.
29, still must be agreed to by members of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild.
Dick's experience in the newspaper world also included service in the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, where he was chairman of the Washington Star unit and held the office of Local 1069 President.
The contract with Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild was scheduled to expire at the end of June and management approached the union early with an offer that freezes wages for the first two years but offers an increase in 401(k) retirement savings from 2-1/2 percent to 3-1/2 percent.
The Sun did not disclose how many people lost their jobs, but the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild says 37 people were let go Wednesday.
Some people in small communities could care less, but in Washington there's enough newspaper-reading wonks that do care who's writing what," says Rick Weiss, co-chairman of the Washington Post's unit of the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild and a science reporter at the Post.
The Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild also is concerned about The Post's desire to install hidden surveillance cameras on-site, Editor & Publisher reported.
Bankruptcy Trustee as well as the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild, which represents workers at Tribune's Baltimore Sun.
Montgomery "Monty" Cook announced the moves in a staff meeting this afternoon, said Brent Jones, a Sun reporter and a unit chair with the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild.
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