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WDSWireless Distribution System (Joint Common Database)
WDSWindows Deployment Services (Microsoft)
WDSWide-area Data Services
WDSWalt Disney Studios
WDSWindows Desktop Search (software; Microsoft)
WDSWebsphere Development Studio
WDSWindows Deployment Services
WDSWindows Desktop Search
WDSWatch Dog Server
WDSWireless Distribution System
WDSWireless Device Server
WDSWireless Domain Services
WDSWireless Distribution Service
WDSWindows Dream Scene
WDSWell Defined Service
WDSWide Area Data Services
WDSWireless Domain Services (Cisco Systems technology)
WDSWachovia Dealer Services (banking)
WDSWashington Dental Service (insurance)
WDSWashington Double Star (Catalog; US Naval Observatory)
WDSWater Detection System
WDSWomen's Dermatologic Society
WDSWavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy
WDSWorldwide Diagnostic System (automotive diagnostics)
WDSWorkshop on Distributed Systems (computing)
WDSWorkforce Development System
WDSWireless Device Strategies
WDSWavelength Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy
WDSWeston Data Systems (Durango, CO)
WDSWorking Dog Superior
WDSWireless Data Service
WDSWebb Design Studio (various locations)
WDSWaste Disposal System
WDSWell-Defined Services (SML, IBM)
WDSWogen des Schicksals (German)
WDSWireless Data Server
WDSWestern Data Systems, Inc.
WDSWoodward Dream Cruise (Detroit, MI)
WDSWi-Fi Distribution System
WDSWeapon Delivery System
WDSWater Deluge System
WDSWomen's Distribution Services (various locations)
WDSWorst Death Streak (gaming)
WDSWinter Death Syndrome (starvation in deer)
WDSWeapons Directive/Direction System
WDSWesthampton Day School (Richmond, Virginia)
WDSWaveform Design Specification
WDSWord Disparity Sum
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New Delhi [India], June 25 ( ANI ): In the wake of an improper waste disposal system, with waste being dumped without sufficient treatment, an ASSOCHAM-PwC study revealed that an estimated 88 square kilometer (sq.
Also this month EnviroPure Systems launched a commercial food waste disposal systems that the company says offers a one-step solution for converting food waste into gray water, allowing businesses to meet the California recycling requirement and eliminating the need to haul food waste to a central composting facility.
We understand your concern, and desire for the country to go ecofriendly in agriculture and waste disposal systems.
The new findings hinge on the discovery last year of a previously unknown waste disposal system unique to the brain.
He added that will help eliminate the bad smell, save time, energy and money that the municipality spends in the transportation process of the regular waste disposal system.
The maintenance worker was called after residents at the Northgate House Apartments in Cork complained that there was an obstruction in the waste disposal system.
There was an accumulation of waste and the lack of a proper waste disposal system.
An on-site sewage treatment plant and waste disposal system.
The market has been renovated inside and out, and among other things we have installed air conditioning and ventilation, a fire detection system and an innovative waste disposal system," said Aletraris, adding that the market is now also accessible to disabled people.
However, with many MoH hospitals lacking an adequate liquid waste disposal system, dialysis units, like the one in the PMC, are forced to dump the dialysis fluids directly into public drains, posing a grave threat to community health, particularly during winter floods.
The felony charge was for constructing and operating a waste disposal system that discharged sewage into the waters of the state.
This is part of a master plan to connect every nook and corner of the emirate with a water and waste disposal system by 2012.
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