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AS3s integration into Watchkeeper is the culmination of a jointly funded collaborative project between Thales and QinetiQ, with its roots in a contract with Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).
La condicion de borde en aguas profundas se definio a partir del espectro registrado por la boya Watchkeeper durante el peak del temporal.
Reportedly, the Watchkeeper programme, which is recognised as Europe's largest and most extensive UAS programme, provides UK armed forces with essential Intelligence, Surveillance, Target acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTR).
Watchkeeper is built by a joint venture between Israel's biggest arms maker Elbit Systems and the UK subsidiary of France's Thales.
The Watchkeeper contract was awarded to UAV Tactical Systems Ltd, a joint venture between Israeli arms company Elbit Systems and a second arms firm called Thales UK.
Virtually silent running and having through-cloud vision, Watchkeeper will play a vital role in telling troops where earth has been disturbed.
I work as a watchkeeper at the medical command post.
Thales UK had successfully tested the automatic take-off and landing system for the Watchkeeper unmanned air vehicle programme.
Watchkeeper system may lead to more Thales-Elbit cooperation.
The Government has selected a group led by French firm Thales for the pounds 700 million Watchkeeper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) programme.
Probably the biggest news of the week, the awarding of the UK's Watchkeeper unmanned aerial vehicle program to Thales UK (Addlestone, Surrey, UK), was overshadowed by the UK Ministry of Defence's announcement of plans to reduce its forces by about 15,000 and shut down several Royal Air Forces bases, among other cutbacks.
Military commanders will be able to get high quality images as Watchkeeper tracks targets right up until the moment they are destroyed.