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Watchkeeper is the only airworthy UAS of its class certified to fly in both civilian airspace and restricted military airspace.
The Watchkeeper contract was awarded to UAV Tactical Systems Ltd, a joint venture between Israeli arms company Elbit Systems and a second arms firm called Thales UK.
Virtually silent running and having through-cloud vision, Watchkeeper will play a vital role in telling troops where earth has been disturbed.
Thales leads a Watchkeeper team which includes Israel's Elbit, Boeing, aerospace firm Cobham, Marshall Specialist Vehicles, Anglo-Dutch computer services company LogicaCMG, Vega Group, Cubic, UK technology development firm QinetiQ - it has operations in Malvern - and Praxis Critical Systems.
Military commanders will be able to get high quality images as Watchkeeper tracks targets right up until the moment they are destroyed.
There are four of her grand-daughters at Hesmonds - a trio out of Triple Reef (1980 Mill Reef), who was the only one of Triple First's 14 foals not to win, plus Watchkeeper, out of Group 2 Ribblesdale Stakes winner Third Watch.
Northrop and Paris-based Thales are now vying for the second phase of a contract known as Watchkeeper.
On the international front, the United Kingdom has accelerated its Watchkeeper Unmanned Aerial Vehicles program and is waiting to select two consortia for an upcoming systems integration phase.
Navy Broad Area Maritime Surveillance program, the European Euro Hawk in development with EADS, DARPA's Joint Unmanned Combat Air System, DARPA's Unmanned Combat Armed Rotorcraft and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence's Watchkeeper program.
In July 2002, the Ministry of Defence announced it was launching a major initiative to create a higher level network centric communications architecture to allow imagery downlinked from the Raptor, the new Watchkeeper drone, the millimetric radar imagery from the AH-64D's Longbow radar, the Raytheon Astor ground surveillance radar system and other sensors to be merged into a `common ground picture'.
At Epsom, John Dunlop's charge Watchkeeper can continue her progressive ways by completing a hat-trick in the SNAI International Fillies' Handicap.