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In case of low water-cement ratio concrete, curing with excessive water in early ages is more beneficial than in case of high water-cement ratio (ACI, 1990).
The use of waterproofing chemicals, in the form of waterproofing admixtures, is used for the reduction in water-cement ratio, early and delayed forming of concrete, enhanced durability, modification in physical and chemical properties (strength, resistance to corrosion, and weather resistance).
40 or higher water-cement ratio were formulated with limestone powder replacement for a significant portion of their cement paste, achieving the cement reductions upward of 30 percent.
Considering the above and the hydration reaction of cement, the water-cement ratio was therefore maintained at 1: 1.
To determine the water demand of sand initially set water-cement ratio of cement paste, in which it shows on the shaker table slump flow of 170 mm, which corresponds approximately to its normal density.
Among specific topics are the experimental investigation of the influence of water-cement ratio on air-void parameters of cement concrete, particle flow erosion precision electroforming technology, the preparation and adsorption property of nano-rods hydroxyapatite using cation surfactant templates, the energy and environmental performance of a project using solar hot water systems with vacuum tube materials, and the application potential of climate-adaptive window materials.
Dosac Lite stores only one program, precisely repeating the water-cement ratio and mixing time batch after batch, for as long as water and grout are available.
slump would be common for deep mining applications, where the mine is trying to control the cost by controlling the water-cement ratio yet obtain suitable strength to enhance mining and recovery.
Water-cement ratio can be maintained, while still providing workability through dispersants.
S Bhanja, B Sengupta, Water-cement ratio law and silica fume concrete mix design.
Both compared methods showed a variation in porosity, depending on the water-cement ratio.