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WATSONWireless Activities Transmitted Seamlessly Over the Network
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But Patsy was a rushing, rough-and-tumble saloon-fighter, while Watson was a boxer.
As a result, the pair of them went down, with all their three hundred and sixty pounds of weight, in a long crashing fall, Watson underneath.
His voice was stern and implacable, like the voice of God calling to judgment, and Watson knew there was no mercy there.
No mention of that local hunt, Watson," said Holmes with a mischievous smile, "but a country doctor, as you very astutely observed.
The bill was now brought, when Watson paid his share, and was departing.
We now went directly to the gaming-table, where Mr Watson, to my surprize, pulled out a large sum of money and placed it before him, as did many others; all of them, no doubt, considering their own heaps as so many decoy birds, which were to intice and draw over the heaps of their neighbours.
Might I trouble you, my dear Watson, to draw a little nearer to the window, taking every precaution not to show yourself, and then to look up at our old rooms--the starting- point of so many of your little fairy-tales.
Because, my dear Watson, I had the strongest possible reason for wishing certain people to think that I was there when I was really elsewhere.
This was the first feeble sign that such a novelty as the telephone business could be established; and no money ever looked handsomer than this twenty dollars did to Bell, Sanders, Hubbard, and Watson.
This agreement gave Bell, Hubbard and Sanders a three-tenths interest apiece in the patents, and Watson one-tenth.
I have the advantage of knowing your habits, my dear Watson," said he.
That was the state of things, Watson, when upon the Tuesday morning I, at the request of Major Murphy, went down to Aldershot to supplement the efforts of the police.