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9 per cent" accuracy requirement, which wavemeters could barely meet, would soon become much more stringent.
The PHOENIX[TM] 1200 also comes standard with a miniaturized, internal NIST-traceable wavemeter, giving it the highest accuracy available while maintaining its compact footprint.
Looking forward, given the increasing levels of interest in, and appreciation of, the unique capabilities of the Wave System, we are now able to focus our resources on introducing the WaveMeter product to the consumer marketplace later this year or in early 1999.
Wave's recent progress includes a December 1997 agreement with IBM Corporation to support each other in achieving industry-wide adoption of the WaveMeter technology by systems manufacturers; an April 1998 agreement with Fantastic Corporation enabling users and broadcasters to benefit from secure delivery of broadcasted content; a May 1998 agreement to include the WaveMeter on Windows '98 compatible WinTV(R) television tuner boards from Hauppauge Computer Works, Inc.
The WaveMeter on the PC I/O IC is a natural fit," commented Steven Sprague, president of Wave Systems.
We have also been successful in gaining the interest of a number of leading entertainment software providers to provide top titles to hardware OEMs that agree to large-scale shipments of the WaveMeter.
Wave and IBM have also agreed to support each other in achieving industrywide adoption of the WaveMeter technology by systems manufacturers.
Consumers who have ZakSat PC cards or set-top boxes outfitted with the WaveMeter will be able to subscribe to and receive encrypted and purchasable (or "WaveEnabled") content delivered by DataTrain and make purchases at their convenience.
Wave produces a distributed information metering and transaction service, the Wave System, based on its proprietary metering technology, the WaveMeter chip.
WaveNet and WaveMeter are registered trademarks, and Wave System is a service mark of Wave Systems Corp.
Sensors (strain gauges, accelerometers, inclinometers, pressure sensors, wavemeters and wave radars) to detect both environmental conditions (wave period, height and direction) and the structural and operating behaviour of the ship;