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These weapons transfer programs accounted for nearly 80% of the more than $24 billion in military aid appropriated to Israel during these years.
That followed complaints by Bahrain in mid-1994 that it was disappointed by the slow pace of surplus weapons transfer despite approval by the US Congress.
Thickening the plot further, earlier this week Hezbollah officials denied there were weapons being transferred , with an unidentified source telling a Kuwaiti paper: "We and the Israelis know there wasn't any weapons transfer from Syria into Lebanon , adding that the added the strike was "to send a message.
We will carry out more random searches, to be assured that there is no weapons transfer.
If there is any evidence against Iran regarding the illegal weapons transfer to Yemen, he said, such evidence should be provided to the Iranian officials for investigations, insisting that accusations could not be based on the confessions of some arrested Yemeni citizens.
Fearing that the three new states might not be able to resist the temptation to pursue nuclear status as long as nuclear weapons remain on their territory, the authors call for immediate weapons transfer to Russia.
Stages exhibit on transfer controls and conducts civil society seminar on small arms and light weapons transfer controls and community violence (with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago).
The timeline for the weapons transfer is unclear, but reports suggest the process could take place over the next several weeks.
We have raised with foreign governments our concerns over Hizbullah's growing domination of the Lebanese government apparatus and concern that weapons transfer to the Lebanese forces will in fact become part of the Hizbullah arsenal," the official said.
The six papers in this collection were commissioned for an international seminar on the "Regional Dimensions of Global Small Arms and Light Weapons Transfer Principles" held in Waterloo, Canada in February 2007.
The last known weapons transfer to Force 17 took place in May and reportedly consisted of 3,000 assault rifles and more than 1 million rounds of ammunition.