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WebCGMWeb Computer Graphics Metafile
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With the WebCGM Author Tool we are placing a powerful extension of the TI Product Line into the hands of Technical Writers and Authors," said Tim Horsch, TI Product Manager.
This degree of endorsement assures implementers around the world that they can adopt WebCGM with confidence.
CGM Open, the OASIS-affiliated global consortium dedicated to standardized graphical information exchange, announced the release of a Browser Helper Object (BHO) that enables browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer to effectively use the WebCGM Web graphics standard.
The new Auto-Recover feature automatically saves work, while the Web Java and WebCGM Export features enable users to search, scroll and navigate intelligent output from any browser.
Auto-trol Technology today announced that it is now offering a WebCGM Hotspot Plug-in for its Tech Illustrator(TM) (TI) for Windows NT(R) products.