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WebDAVWeb-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (HTTP extensions)
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Native OS client access through WebDAV (Finder, Windows Explorer),
Disk cloud service used as backup source or as data destination through the multi-cloud WebDAV interface, giving users much more speed in version 7.
The Tamino WebDAV Server for Windows is available now as a free download for the Tamino XML Server.
Its own storage service, Novosoft Remote Backup, is promoted in a similar way: there is a free edition of Handy Backup with an Online Backup plug-in, that can be upgraded to Home Standard edition if you want to back up to other destinations, such as FTP or WebDAV.
While WebDAV is designed for the web, NFS and CIFS are not.
Users can show screen presentation with external displays or projectors with PDF files directly from Dropbox, Mobile Me iDisk or other WebDAV servers.
The WebDAV support brings the ability for distributed XML authoring and integration with modern content management systems.
TOKYO -- MicaRed today announced OverTheAir, a WebDAV client for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
com)-- Vehera LTD , who trade as SMEStorage, today announced that over 50,000 users are now using their CloudDav feature, which adds WebDav over any storage Cloud, to edit documents on the iPad and iPhone from iWork and other WebDav ready document editing Apps.
The software now includes built-in support for leading edge WebDAV (Web Based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) document handling capabilities, best of class ATOM and RSS newsfeed syndication for "at-a-glance" information, and interface enhancements that allow users to further personalize the information they receive.
Microsoft Credits Palo Alto With WebDAV IIS Vulnerability, Another In a Steady Stream of Discoveries From Palo Alto Networks
Also accessible via the WebDAV protocol iKeepinCloud easily integrates with third-party applications like Allway Sync, allowing enhance the service by the features essential for users.