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WebDAVWeb-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (HTTP extensions)
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Disk cloud service used as backup source or as data destination through the multi-cloud WebDAV interface, giving users much more speed in version 7.
The Tamino WebDAV Server for Windows is available now as a free download for the Tamino XML Server.
With the help of WebDAV, users can manage and view files in the Web browser or through Akitio's free mobile app on an iPhone or iPad.
8220;While the cheapest edition of Handy Backup with WebDAV support costs $39, its customized versions will be available free of charge,” added Ms.
This latest edition offers new features and extensions to enable users to build customized solutions for sharing knowledge over the Web, and features the first commercially available implementation of the WebDAV standard, as well as support for ODMA and XML.
announced its release of the updated version of OverTheAir, a simple and easy to use WebDAV client app for iPhone and iPad.
The updated product becomes "hot" backup software, has integration with WebDAV cloud storages and Windows 8.
WebDAV realizes some of the thwarted hopes of user interface pioneers (see separate story) by making it possible for geographically dispersed web users to write, edit and save shared documents, without damaging each other's work.
TOKYO -- MicaRed today announced OverTheAir, a WebDAV client for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
com)-- Vehera LTD , who trade as SMEStorage, today announced that over 50,000 users are now using their CloudDav feature, which adds WebDav over any storage Cloud, to edit documents on the iPad and iPhone from iWork and other WebDav ready document editing Apps.
By integrating Build-IT, IBM is also gaining further ground in the WebDAV (Web Development and Authoring Version Control) and Extensible Markup Language standards arenas.