WebTASWeb-Enabled Temporal Analysis System
WebTASWeb-Based Timeline Analysis System
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The EHCC used ArcGIS,[TM] a geospatial analysis program, to fuse the imagery and elevation data, pulled from the CIDNE database using WebTAS, to create a tailored operational picture.
Based on the WebTAS workshop information and the data-tracking mandates of PREA, the task force decided that WebTAS would be an appropriate system for the department.
Resources associated with this system included new servers, computers capable of running the new software at each of the 26 institutions, central office computers for analysts to fully use the capabilities of the WebTAS system, large screen computers to allow for situation and link analysis of sexual assaults, and minor consulting fees to develop a component of the WebTAS application specific to assault information (both sexual and nonsexual).
Before a PREA WebTAS database could be developed, the department needed a strategic plan, including data elements with operational definitions.
The WebTAS system is composed of five primary components.
Employees at the new office will be primarily focused on supporting the CIDNE and WebTAS products for ISS, as well as software development, training and system administration.
For more information on ISS and WebTAS, visit http://www.
At the Air Force Air AOC, and other projects using the C2 Framework, and WebTAS, Mule helps data integration for hundreds of simultaneous users accessing dozens of different system architectures.
Upon founding ISS Jesse and three associates then invented WebTAS, a framework widely adopted throughout the DoD, DHS and Intelligence community for its data analysis, situation awareness and event prediction capabilities.
About Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) and WebTAS (www.
ISS is the developer of TBONE (Theater Battle Operations Net-centric Environment) and the WebTAS (Web-enabled Temporal Analysis System) framework.