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WEBBWater, Energy, and Biogeochemical Budgets (United States Geological Survey)
WEBBWomen Engaging in Bridge Building (est. 2001)
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With single female boomers now numbering approximately 25 million, this growing population represents a tremendous opportunity for our Del Webb communities.
Jackson has long denied that the state cut any sort of deal with Webb for his testimony.
Webb Capital PLC Peter Webb - CEO Tel: 0207 634 9510
Webb was not the first North American convert to Islam, nor can any Muslim community trace its inception to his efforts.
He's not alone on the Allen campaign: longtime Republican media operative Chris LaCivita, a former Marine who's known Webb for years, spent 2004 advising Swiftboat Veterans for Truth.
White and Webb designed the gray wallpaper with a strong white pattern.
Over 20 years ago, Webb & Brooker's principals were part of a joint venture to convert Hillview Towers to cooperative ownership in one of the few privately financed conversions in Central Harlem, and the largest in the early 1980s.
As an ethnic group, James Webb argues in Born Fighting, they "did not merely come to America, they became America, particularly in the south and the Ohio Valley, where their culture overwhelmed the English and German ethnic groups and defined the mores of those regions.
Webb does, and requires capitalization as a general rule.
The prefatory materials assure us that Webb was a free Black Philadelphian, and the novel itself shows that he was well-read and had a strong sense of literary conventions.
Tom Vandewalle, 64, of Port Hueneme also joined the LAPD after hearing such Jack Webb dialogue as, ``This is the city: Los Angeles, California.
What: Webb Interactive Services, "Roadmap for Growth in 2000" conference