WEHWean Hall (Carnegie Mellon University)
WEHWorkshop on Exception Handling (International Workshop)
WEHWills Eye Hospital (Society; Wynnewood, Pennsylvania)
WEHWydzial Ekonomiczno Handlowy (Polish: Economic and Commercial Consulate)
WEHWalleye Epidermal Hyperplasia (fish skin disease)
WEHWooden Embroidery Hoop (product)
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Wehby says she would like to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but because that's unlikely she favors incremental reforms such as giving Americans the option of buying low-cost catastrophic insurance instead of the comprehensive coverage required under the current law, and freeing health insurance companies to sell across state lines - treadworn GOP proposals that hardly live up to Weh by's claim to have special insights into health care reform.
Years later Aa heard she'd browt sheyem te weh aal, by fraternising with one of the enemy
2001 People from the Dawn: Religion, homeland, and privacy in Australian Aboriginal culture by WEH Stanner, Solas Press, Antioch, CA.
In Pulau Weh, however, the prehistoric-looking creature has been spotted twice by divers in the past four years.
Nirat holds a three-shot lead over Argentina's Rafael Echenique, while Taiwan's Lu Weh Teh, New Zealand's Richard Lee and South Africa's Keith Horne sit on seven under.
Taiwan's Lu Weh Teh, New Zealand's Richard Lee and South Africa's Keith Horne are a further shot adrift, with England's Lee Westwood at six under.
Weh told the New York Times that he was glad the governor had come around "to the concerns we've had for a long time," while noting that "there's political motives in the governor's actions.
Emily helps out with the sick children at the clinic too, but she resents the amount of time her parents spend there, and she wishes she could return home to Boston with her uncle, who is visiting the nearby island of Weh.
Harig is also the author of a series of successful autobiographic novels, including Weh dem der aus der Reihe tanzt, Wer mit den Wolfen heult wird Wolf.
The WEH pneumatically activated linear valve is reckoned to be a world first in valve design.
WEH is a leading manufacturer of H2 Fuelling Solutions and partner of many automotive OEMs.