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The only chance of victory was at the operational level, and Death of the Wehrmacht confirms Citino's place among the masters of operational history.
It is arguable that a book as weighty and authoritative as The Wehrmacht could only have been done at such a point in a distinguished career.
When the exhibition Vernichtungskrieg: Verbrechen der Wehrmacht, 1941 bis 1944 appeared in 1995, the category of perpetrator threatened to expand rapidly, as popular conceptions of "the clean Wehrmacht" began to give way to a realization that the Wehrmacht was deeply implicated in massive war crimes and genocide.
La Wehrmacht encargo entonces 35 millones de pastillas de Pervitin, tambien conocidas como pervitinas, a los laboratorios Temmler para los ejercitos de Tierra y del Aire.
Officers of the Wehrmacht (German armed forces) were appalled by the slaughter of the Jews by the SS (State Security) units.
I have some good news for anyone who could use some this week: The Wehrmacht isn't marching on Brooklyn Heights.
The Colony" stars Watson as a woman attempting to infiltrate a cult in order to rescue her husband (Daniel Bruhl), who is being held in Colonia Dignidad, a community that, in real-life, was founded by Wehrmacht officer and Hitler Youth veteran Paul Schafer.
To make a purely illustrative analogy with 1939 and 1940, I can see the case for letting it be known that we would be prepared to end hostilities if the Wehrmacht belatedly withdrew from Poland.
Wehrmacht Priests: Catholicism and the Nazi War of Annihilation
Hitler, a corporal in the German Army in WW1 who won the Iron Cross for bravery, became Reich Chancellor and Fuhrer within 13 years and commander in chief of the Wehrmacht.
Roman Toppel and Peter Lieb compare the deployment of Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht formations at Kursk and in Normandy, respectively, concluding that the combat value of SS forces measured up to that of army units in the second half of the war, and that the SS had a stronger inclination towards committing war crimes.