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WEIPAWashington Entertainment Industry Players Association
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Rio Tinto is recruiting 100 jobs for its existing mines at Andoom and East Weipa and the new Amrun mine between Weipa and Aurukun.
Output from Amrun, formerly known as South of Embley, will replace production from the depleting East Weipa mine, increasing annual bauxite exports from Cape York by about 10 million tonnes, Rio said.
As a result of my experience with PHC in New Zealand, I am still leading the transformation project and my sites at Weipa are the pilot sites for the project.
Albatross Bay, near Weipa on western Cape York Peninsula (Figure 1), evidences a coastal archaeological landscape that includes a spectacularly diverse array of shell mounds as well as other shell-bearing sites including dispersed scatters and concentrated non-mounded middens.
Patterson, Whitlam, and Deputy Opposition Leader Lance Barnard went on a tour of North Queensland towns such as Mt Isa, Weipa and Karumba in April 1967 where this message of northern neglect was rammed home.
The miner was set upon by a crocodile when it lunged at him at a creek near the isolated town of Weipa in the far north of Queensland.
Bairstow reportedly told Weipa Hospital staff that he held on to mangroves and punched the animal with bare fists "for about 15 minutes" before locals heard his cries and ran to his aid to help drag him to safety.
1 million NPF--which was recently identified by the United Nations as a global model for sustainable fisheries management--produces banana prawns and tiger prawns from a fishing ground extending from Weipa in far north Queensland to Cape Londonderry in northern Western Australia.
The events at CRA/Rio Tinto's New Zealand Aluminium Smelter (NZAS), Hamersley Iron, followed soon after at Comalco's (15) Bell Bay and Weipa operations, demonstrate the accuracy of this analysis, plus four other vital ingredients in the company's deunionisation recipe, generally overlooked in the literature: firstly, the congruence of economic conditions conducive to management's generation of a climate of fear and uncertainty amongst the workforce over job security; secondly, an appropriate political/legal environment to assist deunionisation; thirdly, the importance for management to demonstrate power and effective leadership, in Rio Tinto's case, reinforced by the adoption of a peculiar organisational theory; and finally, a weakened, disunited, or hesitant union movement.
Thomson helped a carpenter, Ian Motton, who lived at Weipa Presbyterian Mission, to buy a sewing machine for his wife and a radio for himself with his earnings.
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A day later, she announced a new 'student hostel' at Weipa, about 100 kilometres north.