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WENDIWide Energy Neutron Detection Instrument
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GRUMP ON TOUR: Wendi Peters in Grumpy Old Women 2, and as Cilla Battersby in Coronation Street
Last night, Wendi - who was stabbed in her neck, both arms and stomach - said: "I hope they catch this monster and teach him a proper lesson.
David and George are among the best at what they do, and we are so thrilled to have Wendi in our ads as the inner voice - she is an incredible comedienne and one of Hollywood's fast rising stars.
While explaining the threats and intricacies associated with technology is not easy, Wendi has come to realize it is important.
A spokesman said on Friday after Mr Blair, 60, was dragged into the divorce mystery surrounding billionaire Mr Murdoch, 82, and Wendi.
Blair's office said in a statement: "With regards to rumours over an alleged affair with Tony Blair and Wendi Deng: this is categorically untrue and has never been true.
The 80-year-old proprietor of the News of the World and his pugnacious wife, Wendi, 42, have received 17.
Best Wifely Duty: Wendi Deng subtly telling off her husband for banging the table.
Wendi Klein - Named Director of Marketing & Communications, North America.