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WNWRNWest-Northwestern (weather reports)
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There will be moderate, in the Danube Plain sometimes strong west-northwestern wind that will weaken in the evening.
Even from my moderately light-polluted yard, 12x36 image-stabilized binoculars show a large, roundish, low-surface-brightness glow with a faint star at its west-northwestern edge.
The bright star is nestled in the west-northwestern part (see the sketch at left), and a faint star is ensconced in the nebula's brighter east-southeastern section.
The brightest star rests at the cluster's west-northwestern edge and glows orange.
1-19 DUSK: Mercury is fairly well placed for observers at mid-northern latitudes--about 8[degrees] above the west-northwestern horizon a half hour after sunset.
5, but it's far enough from the Sun to remain about 5[degrees] above the west-northwestern horizon 45 minutes after sunset.
7-magnitude star 6' away from its west-northwestern tip.
During the last week of July, Mercury may be visible through binoculars just above the west-northwestern horizon 30 minutes after sunset, as shown below.
Mercury, coming off of its best apparition of the year for mid-northern latitudes, remains at least 10[degrees] above the west-northwestern horizon a half hour after sunset for the first four evenings in May (as seen from latitude 40 [degrees] north).
A magnification of 87x gives a prettier view, with a 10th-magnitude star off the galaxy's west-northwestern edge and a faint star close to its east-northeastern edge.
Mercury shines for one last week low in the west-northwestern twilight.