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WIERWriters In Electronic Residence
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The appropriate balance between financial and nonfinancial measures in Kaplan and Norton's (1996) BSC--considered a key control mechanism--is thus also presumably influenced by organizational characteristics (Ittner, Larcker, & Rajan, 1997; Said, HassabElnaby, & Wier, 2003).
Antworth: Am grosBe, den die Judenn vor Christi czukunft musthen gleych so woll als wier lyb und lebenn umb der warheyth wyllen darstrecken, wolden sie anders seligk werdenn, unnd uber das auch das gancz priestergesecz mith so vyel opffem, vasthen, reinigenn, beschneidenn etc.
The Bucktown Coal Member was first proposed by Wier in an unpublished manuscript and was first published by Burger and Wier (1970) who designated a type section near Bucktown in Sullivan County, Indiana.
We are the only vaccine provider in Teton County," said Wier, who led the Affiliate's efforts to take the funding message to the state's three members of Congress.
The team of designers were Adam Bailey, 22, of Heaton; Danny Flemming, 18, of South Shields; Chantal Gray, 20, of Gateshead; Ingrid Hellewell, 22, of Morpeth; Shaun McNair, 20, of Heaton; Cherelle Pickard, 20, of Wallsend; Simon Robertson, 21, of Heaton; Faye Walker, 19, of Berwick-upon-Tweed and Tom Wier, 19, of Scotswood.
paradoxa, which ingests pieces of wood through its posterior although it swims with its anterior forward, comprises a motility symbiosis with at least three different types of spirochetes and their attachment structures (Cleveland and Grimstone, 1964; Wier et al.
In an earlier poem Winslow Homers Blues Wier pays homage to the artist in ways that seem so rightstanzas of mot justeyet have never been heard quite this way before.
Dara Wier, Eve Rifkah and Ian Williams will be the featured poets for the kickoff event, which will also include an open mic for music, spoken word and dance.
Our mai wier will be paired with a top professioal for the twoday 36-hole evet.
Responsibility rests with Dennis Van Asten, manager of manufacturing engineering, two CNC programmers (Michael Wier and David Worzalla), and the machining operators and supervisors.
In a double header Progress were beaten 2-0 and 4-0 by Chelwood (James Wier 3, Andrew Scarisbrick, Sam Nimmo).
The ring bearers were Samuel Hewes, Gulfport; Christopher Franke, Covington, Louisiana; Bennett Wier, Madison; and Trent Ladner, Necaise Crossing.