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WVDWorld Veterinary Day (World Veterinary Association)
WVDWoordenboek Van de Vlaamse Dialecten (Dutch: Dictionary of the Flemish Dialects)
WVDWigner-Ville Distribution
WVDWavelet-Vaguelette Decomposition
WVDWereld Veganisme Dag (Dutch: World Veganism Day; Netherlands)
WVDWithout Vascular Disease (coronary artery disease and behavior research)
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On the condition that the receiver is a single sensor, PWVD has always been utilized to reduce the cross-terms of Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD).
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A valuable property of the Wigner-Ville distribution is that it satisfies the marginal conditions.
It gives an illustration of a Wigner-Ville distribution used in this paper showing the distribution of energy in the sound across frequency.
Non-parametric techniques based on the Wigner-Ville distribution were used in [5, 10, 11].
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