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WMFWindows Media Format (Microsoft)
WMFWorld Monuments Fund (New York City, NY, USA)
WMFWikimedia Foundation
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WMFWorld Meeting of Families
WMFWindows Media Format
WMFWindows Meta File
WMFWuerttembergische Metallwaren Fabrik (German stock company)
WMFWomen and Memory Forum (Cairo, Egypt research group)
WMFWireless Multimedia Forum
WMFWorld Moves Fast
WMFWinnipeg Music Festival (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
WMFWorkload Monitoring Function
WMFWhite Married Female
WMFWhitening Matched Filter (communications; whitens the received noise & maximizes the output of the filter)
WMFWorkforce Management Forum
WMFWeighted Matched Filter
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The Wikimedia Foundation has called for the Turkish government to restore full access to the site.
Grants to support a wide-range of activities that align with the Wikimedia Foundation mission, which are available to members of the community.
Wikimedia Foundation has two great programs to get institutions involved: Wikipedia's Educative Program and the GLAM initiative.
We're excited to be releasing a completely new experience in the Wikipedia Android app, designed to bring our Android readers new ways to engage with Wikipedia," said Dmitry Brant, Senior Software Engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation.
The Wikimedia Foundation (2011) editors' survey asked editors what change they would find most helpful in their Wikipedia work.
Emily has been able to channel every instance of harassment into more fuel for her focus, so it's backfiring against those who hope to silence women online," former Wikimedia Foundation staff member Siko Bouterse commented.
The nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco that produces today's Wikipedia began as Nupedia in 2000.
The Wikimedia Foundation launches a new project to explore ways to make the search and discovery of high quality, trustworthy information on Wikipedia more accessible and open with $250,000 from the John S.
However, Wikipedia is planning to introduce a new initiative to keep its non-for-profit model afloat; the additional money will come from a new endowment created for Wikipedia and overseen by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco, as reported by Mashable.
The Wikimedia Foundation of San Francisco said the grant would support a six-month research project, "testing and prototyping on user search habits and practices on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
The Wikimedia Foundation - of which Wikipedia is a part - said that 7,000 new articles are created everyday.
A unique feature of this workshop was the involvement of the Wikimedia Foundation through a cochair and an invited speaker.