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WSHFTWind Shift
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But should we not find any fisherman and should the wind shift to the north?
I think I'll turn in, and unless the wind shifts I don't want to be disturbed before midnight.
If the wind shifts round heavily after we close in with the land she will either run ashore or get dismasted or both.
We switched to a jib at about Cape Raoul due to a bit of a wind shift and a tighter angle.
When the wind shifts, island people for the sake of survival) respond appropriately.
The Racing Sailor covers upwind strategy and tactics, downwind strategy, finishing techniques, wind shift management, mark rounding, and much more.
America's Cup defender Alinghi pounced on a sudden wind shift Saturday to secure a come-from-behind victory and take a 4-2 lead in the first-to-five series for the Auld Mug, the oldest trophy in international sport.
The wind shift deflated the Turkish sails, and those of the Christian fleet were "filled as if from a mighty and confident breath," recalls Beeching, leaving few in the League fleet "who doubted that God had intervened.
It is interesting to see that Jersey Clipper, who had done so well by sticking to the eastern flank, chose to sail more to the south when Hong Kong tacked suggesting both boats had a wind shift more to the south of east.
After analyzing the situation, my copilot and I realized that the easterly tradewinds were spilling over the ridge and forming a rotor in the lee of the mountains, which resulted in both a downdraft during our approach and a 180-degree wind shift at ground level.
With the expected wind shift, we wanted to get a better angle for the final leg into Storm Bay and up the Derwent.