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Usually, it also needs to take significant care to obtain reasonable aerodynamic results in a wind tunnel test [1-3].
There are very limited studies with the Class-8 sleeper tractor and 53ft long trailer comparing wind tunnel test and CFD simulation with and without trailer aerodynamic device.
Navy and NASA, has successfully completed an innovative wind tunnel test of the company's Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2.
It's very difficult to visualize the airflow streams under a ground vehicle or under its hood during a full-scale wind tunnel test," Esclafer de La Rode said.
The only data we have are wind tunnel test data, and they only go to Mach 8.
Contract awarded for Purchased a wind tunnel test system (pressure and wind speed automatic drive analysis system)
This is one durable resin--one well suited for functional prototypes like impellers, pump housings, headlight reflectors, and wind tunnel test models.
Approximately one fifth of the new space will be added to the facility's wind tunnel test area and the remainder will go towards the expansion of the Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) fabrication area.
Fact is, CFD and wind tunnel test are Complementary, and they don't necessarily Produce the same results.
Contract Awarded for Wind Tunnel Test for Southern Bridge
Results from comprehensive wind tunnel tests will provide performance and aerodynamic characteristics and structural load data, further finalizing the aircraft design.