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WINDEXWind Index
WINDEXWindow Experiment
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SC Johnson is looking to change that finding with a new program that displays the company's products, including Glade, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Shout and Drano, as a family.
In addition to Windex, past winners include Nice-Pak and Professional Disposables Inc.
To get the barrel to shoot right run several patches wet with Windex without ammonia through the bore.
Instead, I lightly dampen a cotton ball with Windex, then slowly and gently wipe from the center of the optic outward with a circular motion, continuously using fresh cotton.
Officials add that Windex Touch-Up Cleaner cleans and kills 99.
The Drackett Products company, makers of Windex and Drano, was founded by his great-grandparents, Phillip W.
In "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," when Gus Portokalos is confronted with any skin ailment, he says, "Put some Windex (on it).
This typist should do wonders with a bottle full of Windex and be
An ammonia-based cleaner like Windex can damage the LCD.
Her nine installations (all works 2010) were titled separately but fit together to create the laboratory-playhouse-boutique-archive of commodity that we expect from her, incorporating, among other items, a bottle of Windex, plastic fans, live plants, C-clamps, balsa wood, white gift boxes, water bottles, clip lights, paint chips, plastic buckets, twigs, yarn, blue painter's tape, a pair of jeans, flip-flops, feathers, and a power strip made of paper.
Next, the store sends a welcome letter complete with two coupons--one for 5 percent off a $25 purchase and a second for a free bucket full of move-in necessities such as a plunger, light bulb, Windex and even a stamp from the in-store post office.
An important precursor to specific checks is the 'deck walk' before it's cleaned, and before workmen arrive--to search for small articles, it's amazing how many problems can be identified by what you find on your deck--small screws, pieces of Windex or wind vane (picked apart by birds), etc.