WINHECWindows Hardware Engineering Conference
WINHECWorld Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium
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WinHEC is Microsoft's premier hardware developers' conference.
throughout the development of the Windows Biometric Framework and is showcasing their experience on how to successfully integrate fingerprint biometric hardware, algorithms and applications with Windows 7 at WinHEC Taipei.
Also at WinHec, HP announced ChaiAppliance Plug and Play, its plan to incorporate Universal Plug and Play into its embedded systems alternative Java virtual machine clone.
to support the new Windows Biometric Framework that is being introduced in Windows 7 and previewed at WinHEC 2008 at the Los Angeles Conference Center during November 5-7.
Also at Winhec, Microsoft for the first time publicly admitted the difficulties it is having merging its current Windows 95/98 operating system line with Windows NT by announcing that it would be releasing a new consumer edition of Windows 98 next year.
Because WinHEC draws the top echelon of the Windows-developer community, we're confident the video and docking demonstrations of USB Duet, along with the PLX-Microsoft workshop, will serve to educate an influential group on this powerful technology.
The company will demonstrate this technology on DisplayLink-enabled products, including USB displays, notebook docking stations and display adapters from Samsung, Toshiba, Kensington, IODATA and Sunix in booth 112 at WinHEC 2007, May 15-17 in Los Angeles Convention Center.
Two demonstrations of printing from XPS that underline this flexibility are taking place in Global Graphics' booth (# 512) at WinHEC.
Andy Melder, senior vice president of strategic business development of Intellon, will explain the capabilities of HomePlug AV in a Windows Vista environment at a WinHEC presentation entitled "HomePlug AV and Windows Vista.
We are excited to be providing AMD the embedded technology, making this demonstration at the highly visible WinHEC forum a baseline for home entertainment systems of the future.
In-Stat's Gerry Kaufhold will be presenting excerpts from this research at: WinHEC 2007: http://www.
Sigma Designs Launched the Pika 8622L Development Kit at WinHEC Enabling Development of Next-Generation Consumer Devices Incorporating Windows Media Center Extender