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Amisano, one of the major benefits of the Win32 system is its ability to house all Salient-related servers on the same WinNT Server, including Margin Minder, License Server, Event Scheduling(tm), and the Load-and-Go Replication Server.
At WebStaff, we've got several kinds of Web servers running on both WinNT and Macintosh systems.
com Name of product OptiStorm Type of product Optical Jukebox management software How long available March 1986 Type of organization marketed to Application with significant storage; patient records, medical images Minimum hardware requirements Intel 586, 32 MB and 1 GB disk for cache; Sun Sparc, HP 900, or DEC Alpha Recommended client platforms(s) Apple Recommended server platforms(s) Compaq, DG, DEC, HP, IBM, Sun, All Intel NT servers Recommended operating systems(s) Unix, WinNT, Digital OpenVMS Important features * Total transparency to the host disk file management.
Highly scalable and customizable, the RealSpeak Solo SDK is available for Microsoft Windows (Win98, WinME, WinNT, W2K and XP) and Microsoft WinCE Version 3.
Si tomamos en cuenta que, dentro de la carpeta WINNT, en la que se alberga a Windows 2000, hay 2,300 ejecutables, cada uno de estos debian tener unos 27 errores para cumplir con la cifra indicada.
Among the highlights of the findings of the four major operating system environments (Linux, Solaris, Unix, WinNT) the distribution of use is relatively even, slightly weighted toward WinNT, driven primarily by companies with revenues less than $5 million.
The spamming software utilizes Microsoft's Messenger Windows service, which is turned on by default (on WinNT, 2000, and XP systems) and used by administrators to send messages to users on the network.