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WINTELWindows on Intel
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None of that technology will be in the first wave of Wintel tablets and hybrids, it appears, but what you will be getting in systems like the HP Envy x2 and the Samsung Series 5 is a device that functions like both a standard Windows laptop PC and a pretty nifty tablet to boot.
Menciono que en Pe de alto desempeno el objetivo de Wintel es tener un grupo de 400 socios en 2008 y, en ese ano, obtener ventas concretas mediante una oferta completa que incluya el apoyo de fabricantes como Nvidia, BenQ, Intel, Kingston y Microsoft, entre otros.
If the government acts against Intel, it will have moved against both halves of the Wintel combination.
Apple's recent team up with Intel to produce Wintel machines and its continuing partnership with Microsoft adds both promise and speculation to Apple's ability to generate continuing higher returns.
Contract award notice: support and maintenance of wintel server farm, pc and the development environment up on the ict infrastructure and solutions for all microsoft products.
Now, if this is a legitimate new product concept with serious business and consumer demand, I wonder if Apple would just sit back and let the WinTel guys go after these customers without a fight.
Microsoft s licencing deal with chip-designer ARM Holdings has raised speculations that Microsoft s partnership with Intel, dubbed Wintel, will come to an end.
The only remaining obstacle lies in the specialized nature of the knowledge needed to construct a datamart: many integrators who are otherwise knowledgeable about databases may regard the additional expertise not worth acquiring, even given the availability of a low-cost Wintel platform.
Dell Computer Corp is expecting to break away from the WinTel hegemony that has been its bread and butter and will produce more small internet enabled computing devices in the future.