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She drove out solemnly in their great family coach with them, and Miss Wirt their governess, that raw-boned Vestal.
Miss Wirt and these two affectionate young women so earnestly and frequently impressed upon George Osborne's mind the enormity of the sacrifice he was making, and his romantic generosity in throwing himself away upon Amelia, that I'm not sure but that he really thought he was one of the most deserving characters in the British army, and gave himself up to be loved with a good deal of easy resignation.
In the course of fifteen or eighteen months' daily and constant attention to this eminent finishing governess, what a deal of secrets Amelia learned, which Miss Wirt and the black-eyed young ladies over the way, which old Miss Pinkerton of Chiswick herself, had no cognizance of
Tom Wirt has been working in the Las Vegas Real Estate market for nearly a decade.
NetCarrier has carved a niche in the SMB marketplace by performing very well over business class broadband connections," said Wirt, "but these transactions allow us to also be very competitive in the mid to large enterprise space where multi-level QoS is imperative.
The collaborative work of elementary school classroom teacher Bev Wirt, elementary school reading specialist Carolyn Domaleski Bryan, and elementary school reading specialist Kathleen Davies Wesley, "Discovering What Works For Struggling Readers: Journeys of Exploration with Primary-grade Students" focuses upon the five teaching principles found to be consistently effective with elementary school students having difficulty in acquiring basic reading skills.
Someone named Mildred Wirt Benson, her married name, had written more than 130 children's books.
Her brother, Greg, and sister, Brandi, both joined the military because jobs are scarce in rural Wirt County.
Mildred Wirt Benson, creator and original author of the 'Nancy Drew' children's books, has died at the age of 96.
The Mustang was occupied by three teen-agers - driver Christopher Wirt, 16, of Llano; his brother Cory Wirt, 14, and Lindsey Mueller, 14, of Littlerock - who were all wearing seat belts and suffered only minor injuries, CHP officials said.
For example, Wirt Hallam, a Chicago white slavery activist, and Frederick Whitin, the general secretary of the New York Committee of Fourteen, were both passi onately committed to closing vice districts, but in their correspondence they argued about the value of white slavery narratives in the campaign against commercialized vice.