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WIWisconsin (US postal abbreviation)
WIWeb Intelligence
WIWriting Intensive
WIWomen's Institute
WIWeb Interface (computer science)
WIWestern Sahara
WIWork Items
WIWhat If?
WIWest Indies
WIWrought Iron
WIWeld(ing) Inspector
WIWirtschaftsinformatik (German)
WIWorking Interest
WIWhitehead Institute (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
WIWallops Island (Virginia)
WIWaste Incineration (EU)
WIWageningen International
WIWomen's Initiative (American University)
WIWhen Issued (stocks)
WIWhen Issued
WIWoodwork Institute (formerly Woodwork Institute of California)
WIWater Injection (oil industry)
WIWater Intrusion
WIWeight Indicator (various companies)
WIWinrock International
WIWipro Infotech
WIWeapons Inspector
WIWine Institute
WIWork Instruction
WIWater Index
WIWilliams International
WIWrite Image
WIWeyl Invariance (physics)
WIWaterloo Industries
WIWork Input (simple machines)
WIWarm Ischemia
WIWeekly Indemnity (refers to short term disability insurance)
WIWaveform Interpolation
WIWorkforce Informer (various organizations)
WIWeak Infeed
WIWing Intelligence
WIWave Injector
WIWarsaw Initiative
WIWeapon Initiator
WIWhurl Interactive (software)
WIWomen's Reserve Intelligence Duties (US Navy)
WIWarfighter's Internet
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