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References in classic literature ?
Nothing; for the unhappy man arrived here without jewels, without papers, and almost without clothes.
Women are all alike there--they never seem to realize that a purebred without papers is just a good grade.
During that time, 51,277 people who had smuggled themselves into the country without papers were processed by the visa-violation section of Dubai Police.
The 26-year-old came to Britain without papers in 1996 from Albania.
If asylum seekers arrive without papers, language experts will attempt to discover their true nationality.
All asylum seekers who arrive without papers are initially detained: if released, they are allowed to work.
I am very concerned about these farmers in south Arizona who arrest new immigrants who cross the border without papers.
Which is why the EU Commissioner for Health, David Byrne, organised this platform - an informal reflection process for open and free debate without papers or decisions, and where Ministers could speak without having their ideas attributed to them.
Leila Alawis, a Western Mindanao social welfare official, said Effendi is one of three Indonesians staying at the refugee center after entering the southern Philippines without papers along with Filipino deportees.
Cash in hand, illicit pay rates, immigrant employees without papers and lots of manual labour.
In this exhibition Serralongue showed a series of images taken regularly over the past two years during weekly protests at the place du Chatelet in the center of Paris by a collective of immigrants without papers.
A seventh person who left the ship without papers has fled.