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References in classic literature ?
At last it came into the man's head that he would not go on thus without pay any longer; so he went to his master, and said, 'I have worked hard for you a long time, I will trust to you to give me what I deserve to have for my trouble.
Colbert had formed the idea of forcing governors of frontier places to feed the garrisons without pay, with what they drew from contributions.
I must contrive to bear with you, you mean,' said I; 'for so long as I discharge my functions of steward and house-keeper, so conscientiously and well, without pay and without thanks, you cannot afford to part with me.
You don't seem to know that one of the worthiest men we have has been doing duty as chaplain here for years without pay, and that Mr.
In the end the fines ate up our crop -- and they took it all; they took it all and made us harvest it for them, without pay or food, and we starving.
As to their military affairs, they boast that the king's army consists of a hundred and seventy-six thousand foot, and thirty-two thousand horse: if that may be called an army, which is made up of tradesmen in the several cities, and farmers in the country, whose commanders are only the nobility and gentry, without pay or reward.
3 of the relevant NSW Health policy directive, (PD2017_028 ~ Leave Matters for the NSW Health Service), employees may take sick leave without pay if they have exhausted their paid sick leave entitlement.
They serve without pay and spend at least six days a week looking for and teaching people about the church.
She had been working without pay for four months and was told her training period was extended because of the holidays and winter vacations.
He also noted that the operator of a nursing home for the elderly in Hamura, western Tokyo, was arrested earlier this month on suspicion he had his employees work overtime without pay.
The officer subsequently filed suit against his employer claiming that the failure to provide him with notice and an opportunity to be heard before suspending him without pay violated his 14th Amendment due process rights.