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WITTWestern Institute of Technology at Taranaki (New Zealand)
WITTWomen in Trades and Technology
WITTWomen's Information Technology Transfer
WITTWaterfalls Institute of Technology Transfer (est. 1994; New Delhi, India)
WITTWorkstation Interactive Test Tool
WITTWanita Indonesia Tanpa Tembakau (Indonesian: Indonesian Women without Tobacco)
WITTWi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Talk and Text (wireless communication)
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While there is a nationwide concern about some sort of biological attack by terrorists, De Witt said that both civilian and military medical officials are ready, and the nation has spent years developing a national pharmaceutical stockpile.
Witt demoro mas de treinta anos para dictar el texto que dejo a la posterioridad.
As she explains, mainstream dating sites evolved into what marketing execs call a "clean, well-lighted place" because women didn't want to use services that addressed sex too overtly, and Witt herself is among the many who automatically disqualify any man who makes an explicitly sexual approach online.
I've felt so lucky to see so much interest in this," Witt says.
Mairi Wickett, chief executive of WITT Energy, said: "The technology is an ideal solution in the marine sector as it will greatly reduce maintenance costs, and work well in areas where there is little to no sunlight.
Witt has always been interested in the business side of medicine.
The Witt device has been designed and built by Supacat and will be tested by the University of Exeter on its Dynamic Marine Component Test facility (DMac), generating a performance lookup table.
Witt served as Arkansas' emergency management director under Bill Clinton, who nominated Witt to head FEMA.
Witt kept his foot firmly on the gas pedal and continued to push Tamara's vehicle until it went over a nearby embankment near Castlewood, Virginia.
SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE:SNX), a business process services company, named on Monday, Marshall W Witt as CFO, with effect from 8 April 2013, succeeding the retiring Thomas Alsborg.
No Prefacio do livro, Witt antecipa a pergunta que reaparece no primeiro capitulo e que, segundo ela, justifica pelo menos em parte a obra: voce seria a mesma pessoa ou individuo se pertenoesse a um genero diferente?
As a particular benefit for the user, Witt has replaced control dials with touchscreens, Martin Bender cites the easy operation that is now performed by touchscreen instead of the control dial commonly used previously.