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WOLWake-On-LAN (Intel networked remote control)
WOLWord of Life
WOLWay Of Life
WOLWorld Online
WOLWater of Life (Fontana, California church)
WOLWestwood Online
WOLWin or Lose
WOLWhole of Life (insurance, UK)
WOLWithout Limit
WOLWerewolves of London
WoLWorld of Legends (Utopia game server)
WOLWoodlands Online (portal site for The Woodlands, Texas)
WOLWork on Line
WOLWow Out Loud (internet slang)
WOLWoman of Leisure
WOLWarriors of the Land (game)
WOLWervikse Oldtimer Liefhebbers (Dutch; Belgian classic car club)
WOLWomen of Lockerbie (play)
WOLWeb Ontology Language (knowledge representation)
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Wings of Lebanon and Middle East Airlines are the only two licensed charter airlines in Lebanon, and while MEA is state-owned WOL is independent.
Wol, though, has not taken any oence and has urged people to lay oPerez.
13) Seeing the teardrops still on his granddaughter's face, he switches to WILL, his role moving from that of god to grandfather (I am thyn aiel, redy at thy wille; Weep now namoore; I wol thy lust fulfille):
Wol said the stronger boys were able to climb trees to avoid lion attacks.
In 1948, high-mach-number wind tunnels captured at Peenemunde, Germany, were installed at WOL and became operational.
There's a whole lot of fun, and some hairy moments, as Wol and Weep not only create havoc in Billy's menagerie, but throughout the town.
During that meeting the Parks Board will consider a request for a waiver of the WOL protective ordinance by CWS Development for a proposed high-rise condominium project at 222/300 East Riverside Drive.
Lieutenant General Santino Deng Wol told Sudan Tribune on Sunday that the proliferation of illicit weapons has made it difficult for the army to assert control.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: Common Wol 55210 Wol
The game follows the story of Wol who must fulfil a prophecy which states that one of the Blankers is a 'Warrior of Light' who will free the world from darkness.
6 (SUNA) - The Ambassador of South Sudan State to Khartoum, Mayan Dut Wol, said that the recent visit of President Salva Kiir, to Khartoum has resulted in adoption of measures and programs for enhancement of the relations between Sudan and South Sudan.
Bet365 - to be in relegation zone after this weekend's matches: 6-4 Wig, Bol, Wol; 11-4 Wig, Bol, Bla; 9-2 Wig, QPR, Bla; 9-2 Wig, Bol, QPR; 12 Wig, QPR, Wol, 200 bar; relegation trebles: 9-2 Bol, Wig, Wol; 9-2 QPR, Wig, Wol; 6 Bol, QPR, Wig; 13-2 Bol, Bla, Wig, 15-2 Bla; Wig, Wol; 500 bar.