WOMADWorld of Music Arts and Dance (founded by Peter Gabriel)
WOMADWinfrith Operations, Maintenance and Decommissioning (nuclear industry; UK)
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We performed in Abu Dhabi with Womad three years ago.
This combination of food and song is the culmination of an idea dreamed up by one of the festival's organizers Annie Menter, who set up the Taste the World stage at Womad (the acronym stands for World of Music and Dance) eight years ago.
In all my years as a traveller, I have been to a lot of festivals, but I never made it to WOMAD - so it will be great to come along and experience what I've heard so much about.
The new organisation had to cut some of these events -- Abu Dhabi Classics and WOMAD being the most significant losses on the Capital's cultural calendar -- but reinforced the Abu Dhabi vision 2030 by continuing the diversification of economy though cultural developments as well.
And since we can't have that, the young royal nobly took a break from his vigorous Olympics-spectating schedule (ahem) and donned the comic headpiece while attending the WOMAD music festival in Wiltshire last weekend," (http://www.
WOMAD WOMAD celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer, and organisers have pulled out all the stops to attract artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Hugh Masekela, Ane Brun, Raghu Dixit and Robert Plant, and new band Sensational Shape Shifters, featuring musicians from the UK, the US and Gambia.
com) and the Womad Festival in Wiltshire on Sunday July 29 (full details from 0118 960 6060 or www.
PETER Gabriel's Womad has UK festivals in Bristol and Wiltshire this summer, but the Sicilian version promises to be extra special.
She will be supported by Ruthinbased band The Bear Beats, who recently played the Womad festival and supported Jackie Oates in March at the Flintshire folk venue.
By the end of this year we will have been to over 1,000 shows, from village fetes to WOMAD.
The UAE's 'festival of festivals' is being held organised by Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (Adach) in collaboration with UK-based Womad Organisation.
He was also the official DJ at the Dubai World Cup and a commentator at Abu Dhabi's Womad festival, which took place last April and at Dubai's Sport Accord Convention.