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W/AWide Angle
W/AWork Around
W/AWill Advise
W/AWhile Awake
W/AWatts per Ampere
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You see, I was "bluffing" that last time in the field; it would be natural for them to work around to that conclusion, if I gave them a chance.
It took us a long time to work around the islands and draw in close to Anoroc.
He threw himself on the bench and stared dully at the wood and the signs of work around him, wondering if he should ever come to feel pleasure in them again, while Gyp, dimly aware that there was something wrong with his master, laid his rough grey head on Adam's knee and wrinkled his brows to look up at him.
Consider the long sequence of incidents which have all pointed to some sinister influence which is at work around us.
The head of Barclays Plc (LSE :BARC), Jes Staley, has opined that British firms can work around Brexit.
For lot 2: 6 weeks of work around time for field 1 and 6 weeks of work around time for field # 2.
Proceeds will go to help the charity's lifesaving work around the world
Unfortunately, the value of work around the home is often overlooked.
We usually begin at one circle at the LOS and then work around the perimeter until all seven are completed.
Two additional podcasts with Dave Hitz will debut over the next month, one focusing on Dave's work around data protection legislation on and off Capitol Hill and the other covering what Dave discussed at the Federal Trade Commission Tech-ade conference.
Contract notice: Remediation Work Around Books On Heritage Wastewater, Stormwater And Water Drinking
A council spokesman said: "At the time, some cars were still parked up and the contractor had to work around the vehicles.