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Some tax incentives are available both while attending college and after graduation, such as the Lifetime Learning Credit, already discussed, and the student loan interest deduction and work-related education deduction discussed below.
Programs included under the workforce rubric include job training for disadvantaged, dislocated, and other workers; work-related education, especially secondary and postsecondary vocational education; labor exchange providing services to assist in matching job seekers and employers; school-to-career programs; welfare-employment programs; apprenticeship; adult education and workplace literacy; and rehabilitation services.
Communication between businesses and schools is essential for work-related education.
Increased emphasis on work-related education for the unemployed.
With them, we can enhance our access to a range of defined skills to support academy delivery and build upon our rapidly improving reputation for delivering graduate skills in the context of employability, sustainability and work-related education and training.
In addition, a taxpayer cannot take an education credit from Form 8863, a business deduction for work-related education expenses (see below), and the tuition and fees deduction from Form 8917 for the same student for the same tax year.
The Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification is designed to supplement 'A' levels and comprises work-related education, personal and social education, key skills and an individual investigation.
The evidence points to businesses becoming levers for change if the UK is to develop a more work-related education agenda in schools, colleges and universities.
The school's work-related education coordinator Lynette Collins added: "This has been a great activity.
Workspaces are sites of contention over what is knowledge and who can say so; work-related education has never been a neutral arbiter.