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What follows is the text of FNA's interview with Workers World Party member Monica Moorehead.
communist parties: Communist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, Workers World Party, Progressive Labor Party, Revolutionary Communist Party, and the Committees of Correspondence.
He huffed, "Corn has now taken to issuing cop-style intelligence reports, reminiscent of FBI field advisories to Hoover, on the Workers World Party, stigmatizing the WWP for its nefarious role in the Washington and Bay Area antiwar demonstrations.
But you can be sure he isn't going to be speaking from the same stage as the Workers World Party.
and one of the official organizers of the May 1 events, is also a member of the secretariat of the Workers World Party.
Like the SWP forty years ago, the Workers World Party did much of the organizing of the recent demonstrations, which doesn't mean the 150,000 or so who marched in the Bay Area and in Washington are dupes of Karl Marx, Ramsey Clark or Saddam Hussein but merely that organizing big demonstrations takes a lot of dedication, energy and experience.
As we noted in our previous issue ("Recycling Radicalism," March 24, 2003), this group is heavily packed with hard-core Communists from the Workers World Party (WWP).
On the radio, on Hardball, in a long interview in Salon, in a Washington Post essay redolently titled "So Long, Fellow Travelers," you've offered a view of those who oppose Bush's military plans that is seriously at odds with reality: The antiwar movement equals the left and the left equals the followers of Ramsey Clark, defender of Slobodan Milosevic and assorted Hutu genocidaires and other thugs, who is the founder of the International Action Center, which is closely linked to ANSWER, a front for the Workers World Party.
Veteran leftist David Corn of the ultra-left Nation magazine was recently on FOX TV's O'Reilly Factor, pointing out that one of the main groups organizing the anti-war marches, International ANSWER, is dominated by the Workers World Party, a gang of hard-core Communists.
The second, and best-publicized, march was organized by an antiwar front group assembled by the International Action Center (IAC), in turn a front for (if you're still following) the Workers World Party, which is justly reviled for supporting Slobodan Milosevic, among other gruesome dictators.
rally "was essentially organized by the Workers World Party [WWP], a small political sect that years ago split from the Socialist Workers Party to support the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956," noted leftist investigative reporter David Corn in the November 1st-7th issue of L.
Feinberg sketches the experiences of growing up "a very masculine girl" and a working-class Jew in Buffalo in the fifties, 'passing" as a man in the factories and finding community in the gay bars of the Northeast, and finally coming into political awareness, her/his consciousness sparked by the 1969 Stonewall riot and solidified by membership in the Workers World Party.
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