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WWSPWomen Working for Social Progress (Trinidad and Tobago)
WWSPWorldwide Surveillance
WWSPWorld Wide Specialty Programs (insurance; various locations)
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Ireland's undercover Army intelligence branch G2 had been monitoring his movements since 1997 as part of worldwide surveillance of Islamic terrorist activity.
Worldwide surveillance data are equivocal regarding a possible increase during 1975-1985 but show a clear downward trend since then.
Editorial Note: Worldwide surveillance for influenza viruses provides the basis for selecting influenza vaccine strains.
60% of total worldwide surveillance camera sales, compared to approx.
From a global perspective, the SARS epidemic demonstrated the importance of a worldwide surveillance and response capacity to address emerging microbial threats through timely reporting, rapid communication, and evidence-based action.
According to IMS Research, network camera sales are forecast to account for approximately 60 percent of total worldwide surveillance camera sales by 2016, compared to approximately 40 percent in 2011.
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