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Allele-Specific Expression of the MAOA Gene and X Chromosome Inactivation in vitro Produced Bovine Embryos.
Regulation of X chromosome inactivation in development in mice and humans.
Since each stem cell located in the basal layer of epidermis or hair follicle would give rise to a clone of progeny cells that would populate an intraepidermal column, we reasoned that the width of this clonally derived column could be determined by obtaining samples of increasing diameter and examining the DNA for the presence of a maternal versus paternal pattern of X chromosome inactivation.
To verify the HUMARA methodology, DNA isolated from a basal cell carcinoma was analyzed and observed to yield a clonal pattern of X chromosome inactivation by comparing tumor DNA before and after HpaII digestion.
Topics include DNA methylation and the mammalian genome, methods for the genome-wide and genome-specific analysis of DNA methylation levels and patterns, histone modifications, histone variants and nucleosome occupancy, molecular mechanisms of polycomb silencing, non-coding RNAs in gene regulation, plant epigenetics using a comparative approach, embryonic stem cell epigenetics, the biology of genomic imprinting, X chromosome inactivation, cancer epigenetics, the role of micro DNAs in human cancer, the impact of the environment on epigenetic regulation of gene expression and developmental programming, and trans-generational epigenetic inheritance.
Two new reports add to a growing body of evidence that an unusual gene called Xist may hold the key to X chromosome inactivation.