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The global medical X-ray generator market is expected to reach USD 2.
Based in Liege, Belgium, ICM is a leading supplier of portable X-ray generators for non-destructive testing applications, as well as complete X-ray imaging systems for on-site security screening.
The X33 series features a 20W x-ray generator rather than the 100W generator used in traditional x-ray systems.
The device used had a wide, large, cylindrical tungsten target that has higher heat capacity, compared to the conventional X-ray generator tube.
Since the backscattered photons would pass through other cargo between the x-ray generator and a voxel, and between a voxel and a detector, the system is designed to account for, and subtract, the effects of this other cargo.
The operator console will control all the system's functions, including the X-ray generator, detector array adjustment, and patient data through connectivity with the hospital information system (HIS) and the radiology information system (RIS).
A versatile platform configurable for a variety of high-throughput macromolecular crystallography requirements, the system nominally comprises a large modern radiation cabinet with a center-mounted rotating anode x-ray generator, a gantry-mounted ACTOR robot, and an external workstation running proprietary JDirector software.
The main components of the reflectometer to be installed in the existing vacuum chamber consist of a soft x-ray generator (Al, Fe or Cu), slits, monocrystal, motion stages, detector and vacuum system.
The technology uses a 20 watt x-ray generator rather than the 100 watt generator used in traditional x-ray machines, lowering energy consumption and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).
It is also equipped with high X-ray generator power for accurate imaging of dense areas.
Roger Lenard, of Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, runs a powerful x-ray generator known as the Zmachine.
The "si" series developments include an advanced multi-energy x-ray generator that allows for increased penetration.