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Potter focuses on the Australian video and magazine classification scheme to define exactly what an X-rated video is and how the classification came into being.
was fired after it was discovered that, during working hours, he had made a little visit to an X-rated video store.
But on second thought, I feel it might be more constructive (in a therapeutic and learning kind of way) if he were simply to RENT AN X-RATED VIDEO and then compare the contents to what he saw on our stage.
html) Daily Mail reported that an X-rated video of the 31-year-old actress was being offered to the highest bidder, starting at $500,000.
In the X-rated video of Hopper and teammates Adam Smith and James Pearson, one is heard calling a Thai woman a "slit eye".
His own son appears in the X-rated video clips appearing to laugh at a racist insult thrown at a Thai woman by a pal thought to be Tom Hopper.
HER album has been panned by fans for being "sexploitative" and Partition seems a case in point with an X-rated video filmed at the Crazy Horse gentlemen's club in Paris and lyrics such as "Got my mascara running, lipstick smudged, he popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse.
TENS of thousands have seen his explosive and wildly X-rated video on You-Tube - and now Wales' most passionate rugby fan hopes his new-found fame can inspire Wales to victory against the old enemy next Saturday.
Sheryl, who dated guitar legend Eric Clapton and Kid Rock, says: "I'm not going to put out a high-production X-rated video just to sell records.
Nonetheless, during their reign, conservatives have tried to ban adult cable channels and made no secret of their distate for Oz's booming X-rated video sector.
The empty residential hotel and its mixture of retail shops have been a sore spot for the neighborhood as one hosts an X-rated video shop.
But it is feared his demands came too late and the X-rated video has already been passed around.