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XRFAX-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
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the subject of the public contract is the delivery of one piece of portable instrument for analysis of solid samples by x-ray fluorescence analysis.
Claudio Seccaroni of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and the Environment (ENEA) in Rome analyzed dozens of Perugino's works using a technique called X-ray fluorescence analysis.
Fundamental parameters solution to the X-ray fluorescence analysis of nickle-iron-chromium alloys including tertiary corrections.
Under the 2 year agreement with the EPA, NIST and its partners will develop urban particulate matter reference materials, a special thin-film glass standard for x-ray fluorescence analysis and technology for large-scale collection of fine airborne particulate matter.
The sections were then attached to cardboard mounts for synchrotron x-ray fluorescence analysis.
Semi-quantitative X-ray fluorescence analysis indicates trace quantities of Mn, U, Hf and Zn.