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For the Star Wars fans out there, Fantasy Flight Games and AdeptiCon have partnered to host a qualifier in the X-Wing Open Series along with the release of the highly anticipated game Star Wars Legion.
Season of the Force will also see the debut of a new exhibition of five replica spaceships from the saga including a rebel X-wing Starfighter and an Imperial TIE fighter - perfect for stellar selfies
No live action character filming was carried out here for that film but it did feature X-wing fighters flying over Highland scenery.
At this point, attempting a critical review of the Star Wars franchise feels a lot like buzzing about in an X-wing and trying to blow up a Starkiller Base: You might succeed, but the imperial galactic force is likely to recover without too many scratches and return unharmed for the next installment.
From left): Tom Batchelor and Fans pose with a life-size installation of the X-Wing spaceship at SM Seaside Cebu
THE FORCE is strong in Prestatyn where this giant X-Wing flown by "Chewbacca Claus" has landed.
While Rose is a mechanic, Paige, her sister, is a Resistance pilot and fighter who gets some lessons from X-Wing flyboy Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac).
Cantona was simply expressing his view that Jose Mourinho still believes in trench warfare, while Pep is using speed-of-light X-Wing Starfighters.
Fans of the franchise were in luck because John Altman, who got his career off to a flying start when he played an X-Wing pilot in Episode VI - Return of the Jedi but is better known for his role as 'Nasty' Nick Cotton in EastEnders, had a meet-and-greet stall.
From X-Wing Fighters to lightsabers, these fantastical designs have fired the imaginations of generations of film fans and stamped their place on our cultural landscape.
For thrill-seekers, hop onto the newly upgraded Hyperspace Mountain and go right into the heart of a galactic space battle between X-wing Starfighters and TIE fighters.
General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) heads the rebellion, which includes X-wing pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac).