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X12American National Standards Institute Accredited Standards Committee electronic data interchange standard
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Across supply chain, insurance, transportation and finance - X12 standards are ubiquitous.
pt=IN_Mobile_Phones&hash=item23358e799a#ht_1328wt_1275) Cloud X12 have been made available at e-commerce website e-Bay for a[sup.
ASC X12 and ACORD are also developing a plan for partnership, with ASC X12 members to become subscriber members of ACORD while retaining membership in ASC X12.
As Moat put a gun to his chin, Zulu 24 fired his X12 shotgun at Moat's chest.
He said when he fired an X26 handgun-style Taser previously, it had made a loud, crackling noise, but that did not happen with the X12.
Provantage has also listed 80-watt Opteron X12 6100 processors including the 6174 processor, which runs at 2.
In the X12 format each document would define the fields, but there could be similar fields--such as a borrower's name--used on many documents.
Providers can have a strong voice in changing the standards by working through representation at the meetings of the standard developing organizations, X12 and NCPDP in particular, and the national uniform billing and claims committees, and through official updating processes that will be established under HIPAA.
The primary business documents, or X12 transaction sets, with which Task Group 3 is concerned are the 813 and the 151 (ANSIassigned numbers).
Business Telephone Equipment (BTE) came on board with NT via X12 in 1990.
If EDI (in ANSI X12 format) can provide the capabilities to manage existing accounts better than a paper-based process, then EDIFACT further enhances this process through more comprehensive and efficient EDI messages: payments arrive electronically linked to information detailing exactly what adjustments have been made to invoices being paid.
The result became the basis for the American National Standard Institute's (ANSI) recently released X12 standard.