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XACTXbox Audio Creation Tool (Microsoft)
XACTXante's Accurate Calibration Technology
XACTX Automatic Code Translation
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Hence, for XACT Bull 2, which has a positive exposure against OMXS30, a daily index increase of one per cent means an increase in value of two per cent.
XACT Fonder joins Claymore Investments Inc in Canada and Powershares in the US in choosing to base its ETF on FTSE RAFI.
Imogen Dillon Hatcher, Managing Director, Europe says, "We are delighted XACT Fonder has decided to base its new ETF on our FTSE RAFI Eurozone Index.
With Merchants Against Unfair Interchange as a partner both Matrix Cost Recovery Services and XACT LLC greatly expand their ability to service their clients by offering another cost management channel.
Xtreme Active Control Technology and XACT are trademarks of Xtreme Power
XACT | TRAX also stores the destination information which can be easily viewed on the web-based portal.
Xact Technology(TM), LLC announced XACT / TRAX, a new patent pending GPS portable tracking device adapted particularly for power sports enthusiasts.
XACT Technology is in the business of providing consumers with the very best in electronics and technology," says Anthony Antolino, Senior Vice President of XACT Technology.
Utilizing a proprietary, web based portal, XACT provides a user-friendly dashboard for management of features and preferences like setting boundaries or "geo-fences" and managing emergency contact lists and alerts.
Such was the experience of XACT TeleSolutions, LLC, a global outsourced call center service provider based in Nashville, Tenn.
It is very gratifying to welcome a new ETF from XACT Fonder to the Nordic Exchange.
XACT is an experienced industry leader in personal consumer electronics and telephony solutions and has launched several award-winning communication and digital entertainment products in the United States and internationally -- dramatically changing the global communications landscape.