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Exploring some of the 480 Vieng Xai caves used by the Communist army during the Vietnam War
Under the overall guidance of the Head of Sub-Office, Xai Xai City,Consultant will be responsible for the direct implementation and management of all evacuation site construction, including procurement and monitoring of field work ongoing in the sites.
The mean age of the 106 participating women was 33 years and most of them were from Xai Xai (Table I).
I met Manuel in Xai Xai, a sleepy town set between the Indian Ocean and the muddy Limpopo River in central Mozambique, more than a hundred miles north of the capital, Maputo.
MOZAMBIQUE: Five people were killed and at least 40 injured when two buses crashed head-on near the coastal town of Xai Xai, about 90 miles from the capital Maputo.
The England forward has been wearing their XAI model for the past two seasons, but he's also been secretly testing a new range of boots at Umbro HQ - and reckons he has finally hit on the winning formula which he will use for the first time today.
The incredible UMBRO XAI boots feature the brand's KONTAKT technology, which offers supreme performance and extra grip on the ball.
But the Liverpool and Celtic strikers were happy to share one yesterday when they helped launch the XAI Umbro range in Manchester.
It was disappointing losing to Tottenham because we had been on such a good run, " said Owen at the launch of Umbro's XAI boot.
Owen began wearing the latest Umbro XAI boots made using RKT (Rubberised Kangaroo Technology) leather at the start of this season.
And within minutes of pulling on his brand new Umbro XAI boots he'd swept home a spectacular goal before killing Hibs off with a penalty.
Like China's 6-foot-9 ``Great Wall'' Zheng Hai Xai.